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Truck Tool Box

Having trouble in carrying all your tools to your jobsite? Then a truck tool box is what you should look for. A truck tool box is an effective and secure way of carrying all your tools wherever you want with complete security. Truck tool boxes keep your tools and equipments secure without taking up any space and you can find a wide variety of tool boxes which can fit into any space provided. This is why the truck tool boxes are must have truck accessories for those truck owners who use their trucks for work. There are many types and models of truck tool boxes available in the market and you can have a choice which can suit your purpose. You can find truck tool boxes constructed in various materials like Plastic and Metal. Both the materials have different impact on the way you store your tools. Generally for trucks, toolboxes made of aluminum or stainless steel are preferred over plastic ones. We have here mentioned some of the popular truck tool boxes.

Truck Bed tool box
One of the most popular type, the trucks bed tool box, generally available in aluminum construction, is convenient and secured way of carrying your tools to work. It takes the space in the back of the cab in your trucks bed and have a single lid or double lid opening.

Top Mount Tool Box
Popular choice among builders and contractors, or anyone who needs quick and easy access to their tools, the construction grade top mount tool box mounts on a side rail and opens from the side, putting its contents within reach from outside the truck. Generally found in aluminum these tool boxes are available to fit all type of trucks.

Truck Tool Boxes Reviews

DeWalt DCS70-DW235G
DeWalt DCS70-DW235G 70 inch Contractor Single Lid Crossover
  • Paddle handle lock
  • Weather stripping
  • Patented foam
Delta 352002 Black
Delta 352002 Black Single-Lid Compact
  • 3-Layer Laminated RSL
  • Reinforced body
  • Adjustable Lock