Tool Boxes

Tool Box Care and Maintenance Guide

Properly maintaining your hand tools and tool box is important for enhancing their longevity and keeping them in top condition so you don't have to buy new tools all the time.

Tips to proper maintenance of your hand tools and tool boxes:

1) Remove all of the dirt from your digging tools after each use.

2) Designate some kind of tool storage box for your hand tools and put them away when you finish a job

3) Before storing, wipe the metal parts of pruners, shears, and loppers with an oily rag.

4) Rub linseed oil into the wooden handle of your tools. This will help prevent drying out and splintering .

5) Use the right tool for right job. When you use your tools inappropriately, you risk damage to the tool, making them more dangerous to use.

6) To prevent rusting, place your metal tools into a large bucket of 5 pounds of builders sand and one quart of oil.

7) Keep your tools sharpened to maximize their efficiency while in use.

8) If the tool is rusted, you can remove the rust by securing it in a clamp and then cleaning with a wire brush, sandpaper and steel wool.

The important thing is to oil all of your tools, coating them heavily when storing.