Tool Boxes

Types of Tool Box

In today's scenario the tool box or the tool storage units are available in a wide range depending upon their use and application. Tool boxes are mainly available in two materials, Plastic and Metal. Both serve different purposes and the choice entirely depends on its application and use. There are many different types of tool boxes and tool storage units available in these materials. In the metal types, the aluminum tool box is commonly found in pickup truck beds. A stainless steel tool box provides mobility and is lighter in weight. This tool boxes and tool storage units are typically used in residential and commercial garages, race environments, and other applications. Stainless steel tool boxes can be designed specifically for clean room and anti-corrosive environments due to their heavy strength and completely stainless steel interior.

Plastic tool boxes are light weight, durable, handy and have many advantages. The tool boxes and tool storage units that are made out of plastic are clear, break resistant, and can open smoothly at a 45 angle. They can also be removed completely for easy access and refilling. A plastic tool box is useful for its non corrosive characteristics. These tool boxes and tool storage units usually come with molded handles with slots for labeling. The bins that are part of plastic tool boxes and tool storage units can be cleaned with soap and water. Wall mounted types of tool boxes are also available. Tool boxes are always available according to the requirement and if you don't find one which suits your needs you can even have one custom made, which is generally in metal. A perfect tool box is like getting the task done without a problem.