Tool Boxes

Side mount Tool Boxes Guide

There is a wide variety and styles of truck tool boxes to choose from, which can be used to carry things for work or for fishing or for playing your favorite sport. A top mount toll box will be mounted in the bed of the truck behind the cab. They may have one or two lids and they can have several compartments or one large one. You can choose the style you want depending on what you want to carry around with you in your truck.

If you have a side mount box this will go on the side rail of the bed. This box will sit inside the truck bed and they come in many different sizes so that it can suite your particular truck. You can get them for a compact or full size bed. The box will open from the top and you should buy a model that locks so you can stop theft from occurring when you are parked. You want to make sure it has a proper lock. These features can be found on any sort of box.