Tool Boxes

Popular Pickup Truck Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes keep your tools and equipment secure without taking up space in the cab. There are different styles of truck boxes the best of which are detailed here.

Construction Grade Top Mount Truck Box
This truck box mounts on a side rail and opens from the side, putting its contents within reach from outside the truck. It's a popular choice among builders and contractors, or anyone who needs quick and easy access to their tools.

Construction Grade Side Mount Truck Box
Another type of truck box that mounts to a side rail, but this one has a notch in it so that the bulk of the box sits over the rail and into the bed.

5-Drawer Truck Storage Box
Here's a handy aluminum truck box for owners who need a smaller storage area or don't want to give up as much bed space as larger tool boxes require. This tall and narrow box sits just behind the wheel well and has five separate drawers that are hidden behind a stainless steel locking front door.

Gullwing Crossbed Truck Box
Here's a truck tool box for drivers who want to carry their tools at the front of the bed, just behind the cab's window.

Slide System Tool Boxes
These sliding tool boxes are fastened to a rail system on the truck bed that enables you to slide the box to the end of the bed in order to access the contents.