Tool Boxes

Why To Organize A Tool Box?

No matter, it is a home or an office, a big one or a small one, each must have a set of basic tools. Before using any tool, you have to know how to use them properly and more important, as how to care and store them properly. Before beginning with a project, if you know what tools you have and can access them quickly, then your work may become easier and can do quality work. And this is the main reason, as to why to organize a tool box. An organized toolbox can serve you for years, if not decades.
  • The first step is to buy the basic tools, which must be in a tool box. A tool box must at least contain a claw hammer, lineman's pliers, needle nose pliers, crescent wrench, large and small screwdrivers (standard and Phillips), a cordless drill with bits, a tape measure, a level, a utility knife, gloves, safety glasses or goggles and a flashlight.
  • Also get some small hand tools in a toolbox. Put those needed regularly on the top. Hang other additional tools on a Peg-Board mounted in the garage or tool shed.
  • Buy a toolbox coming along with an enclosed smaller one. Keep the basic tools in the small box in your house, and the rest in the bigger box so you need not have to go to the garage or basement every time a screw is loose.
  • The tool must be kept clean and dry. Dirt and water may spoil them. Rub machine oil onto the rusty metal tools, polish them with fine steel wool and wipe clean. Give tools a light coat of machine oil or WD-40 if they're prone to rust