Mobile Bin Units

Mobile bin units are perfect for transporting parts and have a convenient bottom shelf for additional storage. The mobile unit is double sided and can be configured with the numbers assigned to stack bins in 3,4,5 or 6 rows. These stack bins can be easily attached and removed to the bin rail.

The Mobile unit bin is a mobile,modular and expandable storage system which gives the freedom for easy transport of parts. The capacity of the Mobile unit bin is 1200 pound which has a base size of 37" x 21" and the base size of 51" x 32" has a load bearing capacity of 2400 pound.

Bins can be unclipped from the rail for restocking and for easier access of bins. The significant feature of this system is you can start off with few rows and can expand at any time. This feature of ease of movement of Mobile bin unit offers perfect restocking programs.
There is a range of Mobile bin units available in the market,one must choose the bin keeping in mind the requirement and necessity of the job.