Compartment Storage Boxes

Compartment Storage Boxes
Compartment storage box are the stackable,see through plastic storage container boxes. These are ideal for storing your crystal beads,jewelry findings & any craft item.

There are many brands which offers compartment storage box such as Klein 54440 Mid-Size 21-Compartment Storage Box which has a choice of compartment sizes and arrangements. The storage box is strong,rigid and heavy duty welded construction. Full length of piano hinged covers are designed to stay open for ease of access. The box has a carrying handle which enables an easy transportation. Boxes have a metallic gray backed enamel finish. It is designed in such a way that the parts can be easily removed and cleaned.

Porsche Hardware Storage Box-24 Compartment is an all storage metal box with Metal locking clasp. It has 24 separate compartments which are great for storing all your extra parts. You can turn this box upside down,you may store it sideways,but your contents will remain in the storage bin where you choose.