Tool Boxes

Online Guide Of Tool Box Alternatives

Sometimes, it may happen that the tool box, you have chosen won't fit in or is impractical to move it from here to there. Don't get discouraged. You can get a variety of options to choose from, it's easy to find a tool storage system that fulfills your needs.
  • Tool Sets are nothing but molded plastic cases containing various household or automotive tools. Each of it is placed in a designated spot in the case, helping to organize the tools in a much easy way, than as compared to the conventional toolbox. They are very compact, lightweight and inexpensive relative to purchasing tools and a toolbox separately. The only two disadvantages are non customization of the selection of tools and little or no space to add new tools and supplies. Thus one still might need a toolbox in addition to the toolset.
  • Tool Belts and Aprons even though, they are extremely portable, but are insufficient for storing a large number of tools. Usually, a toolbox is used for permanent storage and a tool belt or apron to take just what is essential for a specific job.
  • Bucket Organizers consist of rugged fabric or polyester bags fitted into and around a 5 gallon bucket. They are lightweight, inexpensive and can be used as a means of storing and moving tools to a job site. They have dozens of pockets, for better organization; however, it has only one disadvantage regarding its privacy or security concerns if the bucket has to be left in a public area.
  • Auto Carts are utility carts having a pivoting base for storage in vehicles, and are used by tradespersons to carry tools, equipment or supplies. They feature the advantages of toolboxes and tool belts and are essentially portable truck boxes or transportable shopping carts.
  • Workbench is the best option for increasing the workspace. It is always suggested to select such a tool storage system that complements your workbench so that it doesn't become cluttered with tools.
  • Tool Chest, features as many as five drawers as well as additional storage area. Besides increasing your storage space, they also can increase your work space with its sturdy top surface.
  • Tool Cabinets, are the largest tool storage option, and are often outfitted with hooks, shelves, and drawers, guaranteeing a spot for everything.