Excel 6-Drawer Metal Tool Chest Model TB2080BBS A
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Frontier 4 - Drawer Tool Chest - Black
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Tool Boxes – The Total Storage Solution

Tools are always a necessity, from beginning to advanced projects, and to secure them a special container known as the tool box is a necessity. A tool box also called tool chest or job site tool box, is mainly used to organize, carry and protect the owner's tools used for trade, hobby or DIY. Tool boxes for home, garden, and travel make organizing easy, especially when they're already filled with the essentials. With such tool storage boxes one can enjoy the convenience of a handy carrying case that's durable and have compartment storage boxes to protect the valuables inside. The popular tool cabinets can be used in cars, trucks, in shops and even at home. Those found in truck beds are called truck toolboxes, which usually have locks that keep tools safe from theft. Before buying the tool box always look for a more versatile product, especially for homeowners as it helps in storing multiple items at one place.

One can choose from the best boxes and the tool chest which has lots of features in it like, crossover, low-profile, stainless steel, dual-lid, single-lid; wheel well, aluminum, portable, plastic, or other specialty tool boxes, like jobsite, construction, tool bags and storage tool boxes. Automotive tool boxes offer great convenience, easy accessibility and safety of the costly tools. A custom tool box also can be a great help as it can be made exactly as per the need of storage specifications.

The Universal Tool Box Types, Features and Benefits


This is generally available in aluminum construction, which takes the space in the back of the cab in your trucks bed and has a single lid or double lid opening.

Machinist The machinist tool box is designed to help machinist to store and manage their tools well. Found in wooden construction these have multiple drawers for storage of tools.
Rolling This is used to store, transport, and organize tools and accessories. It is a great relief when your tool chest is too heavy to carry. It can be dragged anywhere with its wheels making the whole ride easier.  
Engineering This is a small but versatile tool storage chest, it is a handy tool which is easy to carry and most of them are designed to carry most of the small hand tools.
Plastic A plastic tool chest is cheap, handy, durable and not so heavy when loaded with all the tools. These tool boxes, during an extended use will not rust, dent, chip, peel or sag.

Helpful Links for Tool Boxes:

Tool Boxes by Type: In order to determine what type of tool storage system is best for you. Before buying tool box you need to carefully consider what features would improve your efficiency and organization. Think about the important tool box features you want and the storage space you need.

Truck Tool Boxes: Truck Tool Boxes are a very functional item that comes in a variety of styles from crossover, low-profile, stainless steel, dual-lid, single-lid, wheel mount or other specialty tool boxes. Even with a giant tool chest riding in back, your truck becomes a monster utility rig with a truck tool box. Plastic Tool Boxes, Storage Drawers, Tote Boxes, Trailer Tool Boxes, Truck Box Accessories, Truck Chests, Wheel Well Boxes, Side Mount Boxes, Side Rail Top Boxes, Sidebed Boxes, Top Mount Boxes, Underbody Boxes.

Tool Box Bins and Racks: Louvered Panel Systems, Mobile Bin Units, Single Sided Bin Units, Stack-On Multi Drawer Storage, Stack-On Multi Drawer Storage Cabinets, Storage Bin Cabinets, Tip Out Bins, Wire Bins, Storage Bins & Accessories.

Tool Box Manufacturers: Knack, Chevy, Snap On, Craftsman, Matco, Kobalt, Kennedy, Stanley, Waterloo, Stackon, Rubbermaid, Husky, Delta.